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The Scan Data Database is a place for professional automotive technicians to share recorded scan tool PID data and DSO waveforms taken from known good vehicles. See more

Why record and store scan tool data?
With the ever growing number of PID data that modules contain in newer vehicles it can be difficult to know what every PID value should be under various conditions. Having access to a database of known good PID data and waveforms can give the technician a reference to compare against the broken vehicles data. This can make the task of finding the cause of a faulty vehicle much easier.

Our ever growing database contains a large collection of waveforms and scan data from many vehicle makes.

Interested in becoming a member?
Any professional automotive technician can apply to become a member. The Scan Data Database is currently a free service. The only condition is that members who use the database are expected to contribute to the database by submitting recorded scan data or waveforms from known good vehicles.

What do I need to know before I apply to sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Scan Data Database then click the sign up button above to apply.

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